About Diesel Tanks and Pumps

Petroleum Supply

We are Wholesale suppliers of Diesel, Petrol & Parafine to all industries and individuals anywhere Countrywide. We deliver or client can collect(COC). Our products are from all Major oil Companies in South Africa.
Orders must be received before 11am in the morning for next day delivery. To get the trust factor between client and supplier we will deliver your first load to your site and then you can pay for the product. From there on payments must be made with orders.

Please provide us with the following information on the request form.

  • Product: Diesel; Petrol; Paraffine
  • Quantity per month:
  • Storage facility (litres):

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Diesel Tanks

We are suppliers of New & Reconditioned Diesel storage tanks for all application.Sizes from 2200 liters up to 1 million liters. Above ground diesel tanks as well as underground diesel tanks. We also supply diesel pump sets to go with your diesel tank.
We do complete installations of diesel tanks and pumps & we do the Civil works like slabs,islands & bundwalls around the installation of the diesel tanks.
We also provide a transport service to deliver our diesel tanks countrywide

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Diesel Bowsers

We are suppliers of a range of diesel bowsers, from 500l to 2500l tanks.Tanks come in plastic, mild steel  or stainless steel. Diesel Bowsers are fitted with electric pump or hand pump with hoze , nozzle and flow meter We also supply spare wheel and Fire extinguishers at an extra cost.
Trailer is roadworthy but the client must do own registration.

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Fluid and Petroleum Pumps

We supply and install most makes of Fluid pumps in the petroleum industry.Whatever your need or application we will be able to help you.Pumps available: Suction pumps; dispenser pumps; depot pump sets; 12-volt pumps; kerb side pumps; centrifugal pumps ect.

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