Induction motors

Single and three phase Induction Motors

We are a leading supplier of high quality induction motors in South Africa and our wide product range includes Foot Mount and Flange Mount induction motors. These products are made from cast iron, with aluminium casings that are available in 380 – 400V, or 525V three-phase 50Hz. They are also available as single-phase induction motors that are 220V 50Hz Multi-Mount. In addition to these, we also supply cast iron drip-proof ODP – IP23, 380V – 400V Three Phase 50Hz motors to our valued customers.

We are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, and we have a courier service that can deliver to customers countrywide. In addition to induction motors, we also have spare parts available for all our motors, and we offer a comprehensive 24/7 emergency service to all our valued customers.

Induction Motors or asynchronous motor

An induction motor is also widely known as an asynchronous motor and it works by transferring electromagnetic energy between two windings, namely the primary and secondary winding. The process used to transfer this energy is called inductive coupling. In three-phase induction motors, this energy is transferred to the rotor, often called the wound rotor or the short-circuit rotor, from the stator. Single-phase induction motors has a low efficiency compared to three-phase motors, and has a low EMI. They are driven directly from the AC line controllers. These motors are usually made from low weight cast aluminium and they have many options available.

Three-phase cage rotor

Three-phase cage rotor induction motors have many different uses, including in the industrial industry due to their reliability, strength and durability, whereas single phase induction motors are used where smaller loads are required, such as in household appliances. These three-phase motors provide a medium to high efficiency, depending on its speed, and they have a higher start torque than single phase motors. They are very reliable, even when used at very high speeds.

These motors do not require any sliding electric contacts, as rotor windings consist of short-circuited loops that are available in two different types: a squirrel-cage and a wound rotor. Although most asynchronous motors are used in fixed-speed load drives, they are now being utilized in variable-frequency drive (VFD) services, which allow for a variation in the speed. This offers energy saving abilities in various applications, including pump and compressor applications.

Induction motors that use VFD

Induction motors that use VFD make use of the ability to control motor speeds and torque by adjusting the input voltage and frequency of the motor. Motors using VFD can usually be seen in a variety of applications, from small appliances to large, industrial drills and compressors. However, fixed-speed motors still account for about 30% of the world’s electrical energy. When motors use VFD, three-phase motors are usually preferred over single-phase ones.

Customers who make use of an explosion proof enclosure will benefit from increased safety. This is available for a variety of motors and can be bought separately, or made especially for them. These explosion proof versions of motors should only be mounted by professionals. It is always recommended that the installer has knowledge of explosion proof protection in order to properly install it. When you buy a motor, you can enquire about these and other enclosures to find one that is best suited for your specific industry, and application that you will be using it for. Always ask for advice when you’re unsure.

Squirrel-cage induction motor

A squirrel-cage induction motor uses the most common type of rotor that consists of a steel cylinder with conductors made from copper or aluminium. It follows the shape of a cylinder that is mounted on a shaft. The squirrel-cage induction motor has conductive bards that are usually made from copper and they are connected at both ends by shorting rings. Squirrel-cage motors provide customers with superior quality performance and it requires less maintenance than other varieties. A few benefits of these motors include the fact that they have a low running cost, require minimal maintenance, require no excitation control, and they have a higher starting torque capability.

Three-phase squirrel-cage motors

Three-phase squirrel-cage motors are often utilized in VFD and fixed-speed applications in various industries. It is one of the most reliable motors ever made and could easily replace other motors, except for a few important aspects, including the fact that it cannot run in single-phase.

Multi-mount motors

Multi-mount motors are supplied with the terminal box mounted on top, and it has detachable feet. This multi-mount design will allow the feet of the motor to be removed and the motor can then be mounted from any of its eight mounting pads. This is a great feature that requires no motor mount in the fan case for axial flow fans. This means quicker assembly times and also means lower costs. There are also fewer restrictions for air flow. Alternatively, you can move the feet and relocate them to either side of the motor, which is perfect for wall mounted motors or side mounted terminal boxes.

Flange Mount Induction Motors

Flange mount induction motors are mounted on a flange or external ridge that is used for additional strength to support the motor. These motors can be mounted on an external surface for additional support and this is often preferred in many industries due to the flexibility it offers. Aluminium housings can be made especially for thee motors, for added stability and protection.

Foot Mount Induction Motors

Foot mount induction motors have a foot mounted on them so that they can easily be placed on a table or other flat surface. This is very convenient and most people opt for a foot mounted option. These motors are usually designed for the European market, especially since their terminal boxes are located on the top of the motor. It has a very compact structure and comes in various sizes. Aluminium housings can also be made for these motors, similar to flange mount varieties.

Our Induction Motors – Specifications

All our induction motors are SABS approved with SANS 1804-1 2:2007 application and are manufactured by WEG Electric Motors Co. LTD (NANTONG) PR of China.