Fuel and diesel pump Equipment


Fuel Pumps

Buy from a wide range of Fuel Pumps & Diesel pumping kits from Piusi to Panther. RPM Fuels and Tanks offer a fine range which is available at great prices. Order online today!

Fuel Management Systems

Buy fuel managements systems and pumps at RPM Fuels and Tanks. Specifically tailored fuel dispensers that are great for all commercial uses!

Oil & Fuel Flow Meters

Buy from a range of Oil & Fuel Flow Meters from RPM Fuels and Tanks. Such as Piusi K33, K44 and K24 or GPI Fuel Flow Meters as well as Domestic Fuel Fuel Meters. Look through our range!

Fuel Hoses and Fittings

Buy from a fine range of Fuel Hoses and Fittings from RPM Fuels and Tanks. Our selection of replacement fuel hoses are very competitively priced and prices include FREE delivery!

Dispensing Nozzles

Order from a great range of fuel Dispensing Nozzles from RPM Fuels and Tanks. Our selection includes a fine selection of good quality & reliable nozzles available at great prices. Order today!

Engine Driven Diesel & Water Transfer Pumps

RPM Fuels supplies a wide range of competitively priced Petrol and Diesel Engined Transfer Pumps that facilitate the safe and efficient transfer of diesel and clean water.

Petrol Transfer Nozzles

These petrol transfer nozzles are built to last and are suitable for the dispensing and transfer of petrol in most commercial situations. Please click through to the product pages for more information on each unit.

Petrol Transfer Pumps

Petrol Transfer Pumps from manufacturers such as Piusi of Italy available in a variety of voltages from 12-230 volts, all available at great online prices!